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Tsunami loves Transformer's boxes. Whenever Adam buys a new Transformer he gives Tsunami the box, and it doesn't take long before it's half chewed and being pushed around the room by a black and white kitty.
Tsunami in his first Transformers box. We had no idea it would become such a trend with him.
Flying off the shelves.
He Transforms into a dog.
Optimus Primal VS Megatron! The winner battles Tsunami for the ultimate smack down!
Winner gets a face full of fur.
He's ready to battle the Commodore Impossible! The prize? Autobot City! And as much catnip as one feline can handle!
Battle Armor
Into a bed!
The box also Transforms
He told me that the box started it. I'm not sure who to believe.
Must relax.
Transforming is hard work.
Starscream is coming in for a devastating attack!
Air raid!
He won't discuss his potato transforming days. He says it's all in the past. He's starch free now.
Tsunami as a hermit crab. Function: Vomiter
Crab mode.
My Transformer is broken.
Excuse me, Sir
Ultra Magnus, caught in his cat mode.
Through the Looking Glass
That he preferrs his armor with holes, says it intimidates his foes with the battle damage.  I think he just likes the taste.
He insists...
I think I have a flat tire, I've stopped moving, I was moving right? At high speeds all around the room? I know that I was, stop looking at me like that!
Flat tire ...
Does this armorbox make my butt look big? Cause Commodore just walked by and snickered.
Checking his profile.
Commodore attacked me out of no where! He's high on cat nip and looking for a battle. Help!
Is he gone yet?
This armor runs a size too small, I should have ordered a medium.
I think I'm stuck
Not so threatening now!
Battle Butt!